Hi there!

I hope you're all well and ready for new updates from my art studio!
Since my recent foray into video editing I've become seriously hooked on recording speed-drawing movies. It allows you to see the whole creative process and to witness not only the final results but also to watch the illustration come to life. After watching thousands of video tutorials and figuring out the best light and composition settings, my movie is finally complete. I have to admit I had a little helper this time, so if you'd like to see the final result and know who helped me this time, please head straight to my You Tube channel. As always if you like what you see please don't forget to like and subscribe. 


I created my latest illustration using my favourite medium - the biro pen. I chose it because it lets me to produce highly detailed and multi-layered illustrations like nothing else I've ever tried. 

I really like the way these pens let you achieve incredible precision and keep great control over your lines. The same pen can give you lines that look completely different, depending on how hard you press, from almost invisible, delicate strokes to deep, rich, dark areas. Layering with biro pens is pure fun. The range between light and dark that you can play with is immense. Of course it has its downsides, such as occasional smudging or the amount of time needed to finish a drawing but the results are amazing. 

I have two favourite brands that I use all the time.

First one is Paper Mate InkJoy 100 1.0M. Their plastic bodies are triangle shape which makes them very easy to grip, colours are bright and vivid and they don't smudge at all. They're also great value for money, at only £3.49 per pack of 10.You can fill your art cupboard and be sure you'll never again run out of ink in the middle of your project. 
My second favourite is STAEDTLER ball 432 M for 3.56 from Tiger Pens. Their triangular shape is very comfortable in the hand and they don't roll off your desk when you're not looking! But best of all is their bright, vivid colours. My favourites are the pink, bright green and light blue and I use these a lot in my work.


With regard to biro illustrations, I have recently been contacted by a new online art platform called The Dots, a career network for creatives where you can search for jobs, meet other creatives or look for inspiration. They've selected one of my black and white illustrations entitled "It's not you. It's me" to feature on their Inspiration page. You can see it here. If you're a creative looking for a job or inspiration I strongly recommend this platform. Their brand database and the quality of the talent they feature is very impressive.