Spring, illustrations and rocket fuel


Spring is finally here! It’s time for spring-cleaning, modifications, transformations, revolutions - all fuelled  by long-awaited waft of fresh air.
As always, during this part of the year, I surrender myself to the madness of the first sun rays, and tucking away winter coats to the wardrobe, I’m getting down to new exciting projects I've been putting away for ages.
And this is the first one. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, with great pleasure, I would like to announce the opening of my new internet store!
Here it is: 

For some time now, I’ve been receiving questions from you about the place where you can buy my illustrations, and because they have been scattered all over the internet and different social websites until now, this time I’ve decided that creating a professional store will be a solution, which will be much clearer and friendlier to the user.

In my store, you will find all the recent posters and original pieces of my work. All of them are printed and drawn on high-quality paper, hand-dated and signed by me, and are delivered in a secured, hardened packaging. 

Spring is also a fantastic time to try our hands in completely new fields. I’ve been intending to try something new for some time, something like creating my own YouTube channel, however, in the heap of everyday devoirs, I’ve been putting this in the shade and setting it aside for the future, into infinity! It’s probably the spring energy that has finally motivated me to undertake this not-so-easy task! Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m proudly presenting my new, fresh, straight-from-the-press video channel: 

For my directorial debut, I’ve decided to choose a movie representation of the creation of one of my illustrations. It’s a portrait of Mr. David Bowie, whose downright star-like, out of this world personality I’ve decided to commemorate in my own way. The video shows me drawing with the speed of light, and making it was really good fun. I hope that you’ll like it, and as always, I’m interested in your reactions, so I’m kindly inviting you to leave some comments.

So, spring is finally here, the day is getting longer and longer, winter shoes are being put away. I’ve decided to use this natural spurt of energy that Mother Nature serves us, and with its help, to catapult myself forwards like a rocket. I wish you the same. It cost nothing after all. You only have to take a deep breath of fresh spring air, get onto long forgotten projects and enjoy this free ride driven by fuel from sun rays.