Ben Tallon's "Champagne and Wax Crayons" Book Review

I Absolutely Loved this book ! If you're an artist, illustrator, designer, freelancer and if you spend hours of your time wondering how to finally break into a crazy creative industry,  it's a definite must-read for you. Ben with clarity and big dose of humour describes his path to achieving success and believe me this path wasn't always straight and easy ;-) This book will definitely give you some uplift, encouragement and thanks to Ben's kindness will give u an amazing insight into other artist's life. Im sure you'll be able to relate to so many things Ben is writing about. I truly recommend it and want to thanks Ben for letting me in into his private world and especially his workshop!

Thanks Ben

ps. you can your copy of the book on AMAZON

About Author:

Ben Tallon is an illustrator and art-director. His vibrant hand crafted work is created with a wide range of organic materials. Ben’s clients include BBC, Universal, WWE & The Premier League.

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