It's all about Lashes

I was approached by lovely Agnes Dos Santos, owner of the Perfect Eyelashes Studio to create a series of watercolour portraits for her Beauty Salon in Kensington London.

It's all about the lashes! These girls can do magic with your eyes I tell you that! Check out their salon and you'll be amazed! They've got already established high profile clientele so what you can expect is only the best results ! It was an amazing experience to be able to work with such a fantastic team!

 Perfect Eyelashes From left : Petra - Master technician, Agnes - Director, Daria -Master technician

Perfect Eyelashes From left : Petra - Master technician, Agnes - Director, Daria -Master technician

As I often get asked about the process off my work, this time I wanted to share it with you guys. Here are some highlights !

1. Initial brief, sketches and selection

The brief was to create an A1 illustration which would hold a central place in the new Perfect Eyelashes salon just above the reception area.  I knew straight away it will need to be perfect ( as their name suggested ! ) It would also need to blend with beautiful Shabby Chic interior design that girls have already created. It was time to  get my hands dirty! I've presented girls with few quick concept sketches.

After short but intensive brainstorm , taking into consideration all the important aspects ( expression, look, colours ) girls decided to go with the last sketch.

Now just few bits and pieces were left to do in order for Agnes to approve final design. After few amends like loosing a fox and adding a hand, we were ready to go to the next stage.

2. The Bigger is Better

The fun begins. Using all the space I had available in my home studio I've started working on transferring small A4 sketch on to a big A1 format. Slowly and with a lot patience results were starting to show.

After few days illustration was ready. I've used lots of pencils, pens and watercolours to achieve the final look. The biggest challenge? Eyelashes and eyes of course! I needed to live up to girls expectations, at the end of the day they're experts in this field! Gladly they loved it! We could move to the next stage - framing.

3. Simple or Shabby Chic ?

Framing is a very important part of the process. I would even say that as much important as creating your illustration. After putting so much effort in your artwork you don't want to take anything away from it by fitting it in a wrong frame. It would be a great waste. My illustration was very light, airy, had a sketchy fill to it and lots of unused white space that's why I could contrast it with something heavy, something that's full on - a Shabby Chic Frame!

You need to be careful though with that kind of frames.  You don't want to use a very rich, ornament frame to go with very colourful, rich and heavy image. Illustration and frame always needs to compliment each other not fighting over the spotlight! My image had lots of space around it that let it "breathe" , that's why I decided to go for this extra decoration.. After visiting few framing shops we've decided to go for Silver French Ornament frame below!

With the help of fantastic interior designers from  Design Street London and local framing shop, illustration was ready to be finally hanged. 

 Me and Design Street London designer Justyna Gryc

Me and Design Street London designer Justyna Gryc

Here are some shots of the final look:

At the end we've also decided to use some of the sketches I've done early in the process, to create a small gallery area. I've worked on them a bit adding some extra colour and details. Here are some pics :

So that would be it! Hope you like the results.

All the illustrations are now hanging at Perfect Eyelashes salon in Kensington London. If you're fancy a great makeover on your eyelashes and a bit of art please do pop in !

As usual please do share your views and comment.

See u soon!