Why Did We Evolve To Appreciate Beauty ?

So I was always wondering why is it so that we can't ignore beauty ? And what actually beauty is as it's so hard to describe it, find logical sense to it or define it with one sentence.

For some it's a sunset or a symmetrical face, for me it's for example a rainbow of colourful towels in IKEA which I can never ignore. Yes you've read it right : towels in IKEA is what I love to stare at. They just always arrange them in this perfect wall of colours where red is becoming orange, green is becoming blue. It's prefect. It always makes me want to buy them all, but as I would probably need to purchase 500 of them to achieve the rainbow effect i love and not mentioning the ridiculous small size of my bathroom, it's definitely mission impossible.

Of course my boyfriend thinks Im crazy and every time I walk into bathroom department and face the rainbow perfection with my mouth wide open, he seriously rethinks level of my intelligence and future of our relationship.

But do you know what happens next? He quietly sneaks out to the lighting department leaving me in my colourful bathroom fantasy and gets lots in a jungle of lamps, shades, totally carried away in the world of the best human invention in his opinion : the mighty Bulb. And it's not just standard electrical- cable- thing attraction that most of the man have, I swear to God he really admires all the shapes, light colours and distribution and marvels at the beauty of all bulbs with exactly the same expression on his face as I had starring at colourful, fluffy rectangles : THIZ IZ PREEETY. 

So what is this thing that force us to stare and admire? Do we need it ? Where has is came from ? Is it important to us as humans? Any ideas please share.

Few days ago I found a good read which answers a bit my question so I wanted to share it with you guys. It explains where our appreciation for beauty comes from from an evolutionary point of view and inspired me to write this post. Its really interesting and also might be a bit of a relief to us artists that apart from an eye- pleasing purpose our creation might actually have a much deeper and important role to play in our lives. 

Have a good read and let me know what you think. x