Easle - new platform for creatives

How do you bring together a group of creative illustrators from around the world and gather them in one place to showcase their talents? And how do you connect them with brands that are looking to hire an artist?

There's a new online platform in town called Easle, that sets out to do just that!

This London-based start-up aims to connect creatives with potential clients and to create a vibrant and supportive art community for freelancers from various creative professions.

To join Easle you'll need to submit your portfolio along with your application. Then you shall need to go through an approval process run by their creative curators. 

Once approved you will be able to upload your profile and portfolio allowing potential clients to view your work and get in touch. It’s just as easy as creating a Facebook profile!

Easle has many wonderful features that will support your creative process—an internal messaging system, where you can chat with clients (told you! Just like Facebook!), fully customizable contract creator; an internal messaging system for creatives; weekly email updates from the founders and real-life meetings for members, to make you feel that you're a part of a big creative community.

The founders of Easle ensure that your work is promoted with the help of social media, weekly client's newsletters, blog posts and fantastic video interviews!

You can check out their sketch interviews; they're so good, just like hot blueberry buns !

By being a part of Easle, you be able to “connect” with other professionals from the industry. Whenever you need help with some practicalities like pricing your work or with how to approach a project in general, there will always be someone out there who has done it already and might be able to help!

I had the pleasure of being a part of the first group of illustrators to be signed by Easle. We have now worked on a couple of projects together, which I think were a great success and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Projects included illustrations for the Regent Street Festival organized every year by one of the top creative agencies; and branding illustrations for Raw Press, a leading health and well-being café based in London.

If you're a creative freelancer, I truly recommend you try Easle. The host of wonderful features on the website will help you to get on with your work and the platform's founders will make sure that your arts gets showcased in front of respective clients.

Despite being fairly new in the market, Easle already has quite an impressive client list to offer with over 200 brands, including names like Netflix, Not On The Highstreet and Debenhams, so you're in good hands!

The platform has been successfully trialled with a group of illustrators and very soon will be expanding its disciplines to graphic design, animation, photography and videography, so keep a look out for their updates! 

It's been an amazing few months working with Easle and I am excited about what comes next. This website is definitely the one to watch out for in coming months!

For news follow Easle on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thortful Story

Check out this last post from thortful. I'm sharing there some top tips on how to make your art profile on Thortful website a success! Enjoy!



As one of thortful’s biggest success stories over the last 6 months, Kasia has had quite the journey with us! From a few odd sales here and there to one of our top selling creators for Valentine’s this year, she’s grown her thortful sales and become almost an overnight success. But how did she do it? Below, she shares her story and gives you some of her top tips for raking in those royalties!

My journey with thortful started off as an experiment, and I must admit I didn’t have any particular idea what I was doing at the beginning! I simply created my profile, uploaded a few designs with funny little monsters and that was about it! I didn’t really worry about making my cards suitable for any specific occasions, or about drawing them in any particular style. If I’m honest, looking at it now, I think that my approach was a bit soulless and mechanical. Without giving the whole process much thought, I just took the path of least resistance, and as a result, saw very few sales.

It all changed in December last year. As huge movie geeks, my friends and I often spend time discussing films, TV series, and documentaries. During one of these conversations an idea came to my mind: what about drawing something I’m really, truly, passionate about?

This was how my Star Wars themed card series came to life! The whole creation process was great fun. It seemed so natural and easy to draw my favourite movie characters, to make them speak their funny language and to play with their unique features.

I quickly found that tapping into particular trends is a key step that will take you further on your way to becoming a successful thortful designer. Finding a new trend and predicting the next big thing is never a simple task, but keeping your finger on the pulse will make it easier.

Read popular design magazines, sign up to art newsletters, follow famous art bloggers, pay attention to the issues your friends and colleagues are buzzing about, observe which are the most popular topics on social media. What are people interested in? What is getting them talking and capturing the collective imagination? These are the questions that you should be asking. Paying attention on what’s going on around you will give you a broader picture of what people want and what trends are hot!

I also decided that this time round my cards should target specific, card-sending occasions, and as Christmas was coming up I took this as my inspiration. Playing a bit with the characters, I adapted them specifically around this theme, and managed to secure a good few more sales than usual!

This just goes to show that when designing your cards, it’s important to remember what occasion they are for. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a Wedding Anniversary or Birthday, creating your designs to target specific events will always help you to produce a more customer-orientated product, and as a result it will drive more sales.

As my Christmas collection did well, I decided to stick with the movie theme. I extended my collection of characters but this time they were equipped with Cupid’s arrows and heart-melting declarations of love, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The whole collection was an instant hit! 

I soon learned that once you’ve established a design which is popular, you can always create new versions to fit other occasions by changing captions or references, which will give you more opportunities to sell your cards. And if you need some ideas of different events and occasions? Just head to the thortful website!

Once you find your niche, remember your bestsellers and grow your collection around them. Making what you know consumers want yields far more sales than making whatever you feel like and hoping there’s a market for it! It is much smarter to find where your passions and skills intersect with what customers seek.

I discovered that humour was key for me, too. I use it all the time in my cards: it is basically at the centre of every design I do, and the simpler the joke the better. By making my cards funny, I found that I was giving customers more reason to choose my designs, and my sales reflected this.

If it fits with your design then why not try implementing some humour in your cards? From a humorous caption to a clever pun, anything you can do to give a little laugh can help your designs stand out. It will make them feel good, and most importantly it will really help customers to remember your cards: a perfect recipe for a success!

It’s been quite a journey we’ve been on together with thortful for the last few months, and I couldn’t ask for a better team to work with. They’ve watched me grow and been very supportive along the way, patiently replying to all my questions, and solving any arising issues at the speed of light! They’ve advised me on my designs, suggested ideas that worked really well and have been even kind enough to let me takeover their Instagramaccount for a weekend! You can be sure when starting your thortful profile that you’ve got a whole brilliant team behind you, who will always be there for you to answer any questions you might have.

It took some time for me to realise which ways to take and which paths to avoid in order to succeed, but today I get lots of joy of being able to do what I love and to share it with others. Hopefully my story will inspire you to pursue your own thortful adventure! 

Thanks for reading,
May the force be with you !


NKassia New Online Store - December Newsletter


For last two months I've been working on few things simultaneously, in order to revamp my store, so that you can shop for your favourite art easily and hassle free. Now when painting, drawing, photographing and updating my inventory is done I'm pleased to say, that everything is ready !
I'd be honoured if you'd like to go and check it out. Please do so by following this link ; nkassia.com/store

The new, revamped store has some new exciting products in it and is updated with new customer friendly features.

I'm pleased to say that starting from now on, alongside with traditional card payments, I will be also able to accept Apple Pay and PayPal transactions.

Hopefully this will make your checkout experience even more enjoyable!

Also my delivery charges are fixed now for ALL of the products and are as follows  :

FREE for UK and only £5.00 for the rest of the world.

It doesn't matter where you're from I've got you covered ! 

In store along side with old favourites you'll also find some new additions. : prints Biromania and Amy and set of Hairy Monsters greeting cards. 

Prints are high quality copies of my original drawings and are printed on fine art Platinum Etching 285 gsm paper. You can choose between A3 and A2 sizes. All prints are signed, dated, packed and shipped in protective tube to your address. Please check description for delivery times.

Limited edition of Hairy Monsters cards are available each for different occasion ! To complete your individual set of 5 card you can mix different designs! Each card is cellophane wrapped and comes with white envelope. Set of 5 cards costs £12 and UK delivery is FREE !

And here's the cherry on top. Only this week there's 15% OFF my Cherry print. 

15% OFF with Code : IO5FEA5

FREE UK delivery, £5 Rest of the world.
Ends Sunday 11th of December.

That's all for now but stay tunned as more art, promotions and news is coming your way.
Meanwhile follow my Instagram feed for the latest reports ! ;)


Charley Patton and Tribe16 festival

Hi All, 

Lots of news!

My latest collaboration was really exciting and I'd like to tell you a bit more about it. It was with very talented, London based Delta Blues musician Charley Hicks. You really have to check his work on his website and Instagram he is an amazing blues-man !

His first self titled EP was released in August 2016 and entered at #1 in the US and Australian blues charts and #2 in the UK blues charts ! The honesty and power of Delta blues inspires his work and his key influence is enigmatic "Father of Delta Blues" Charley Patton.

And Charley Patton himslef was my commission.

This project was approached with lots of respect for the individual, a role model for many Blues musicians, who influenced lives of his fans in many ways.
I wanted to reflect Charley's story in this portrait the best I could. After thorough research I knew exactly which elements to combine and which mediums would be best to achieve the desired effect.
The final result was A1 ( 594 mm x 841 mm ) size drawing made entirely with biro pens. It took almost two weeks from start to finish, lots of focus and was the most challenging project so far ! Charley's surrounded by magnolia flowers, buildings of Dockery Farms where he lived and people of Mississippi Delta.

Poster has even cought attention of Mick Mars, guitarist from Motley Crew who has retweeted it to fans on his Twitter account !

Hope you enjoy it ! If you want a bit of Delta Blues history in your home , please head to my online store where I have variety of posters available to buy. Go and check it out !

Tribe16 Art Festival 

It's this weekend ! Tribe16 international art festival in East London at Ugly Duck warehouses and you are invited!

It will feature over 120 artist from all over the world. 
Festival is organised by non profit art organisation Chrom-Art which was kind enough to do a short interview with me prior to the event. You can read it

Below you'll find all the information about the event :

Tribe16 International Art Festival
Saturday 1 - Sunday 2 October 2016
47/49 Tanner Street, SE1 3PL London
Opening hours:
Sat 1st Oct 9am to 7pm
Sun 2nd 9am to 5pm


I'll be at stand number 14, if you're there please come and say hello !

Take care